Please find a list of scholarships in order of the date they are due below.

The information provided below is only a brief description of each scholarship.  Read the actual scholarship application for all details.  Rules, requirements, directions and deadlines listed on the actual scholarship application overrides any information given in this listing.  

2020 Gems of Hope Scholarship.  Deadline:  April 10, 2020. Eligibility for this scholarship applies to any of your May 2020 graduating seniors whose lives have been directly impacted by cancer, ie. either their own cancer diagnosis or an immediate family member.  Click here to access the application 2020 Gems of Hope Scholarship Application with logo (1)  (Emailed out to students 1/9/2020)

Nick Adenhart Memorial Scholarship.  Deadline:  April 10, 2020.  Must have played an organized sport in the last two years. Nick Adenhart Memorial Scholarship (Emailed out to students 1/15/2020)

Iowa Student Loan College Funding Forecaster Giveaway.  Deadline:  April 30, 2020.  Complete the College Funding Forecaster tool.    (Emailed out to students 1/14/2020)

The Pearl Hull Falk Scholarship.  Deadline:  May 1, 2020.  Must attend The University of Iowa and be of the Protestant faith.  Documents attached.  The Pearl Hull Falk Scholarship (Emailed out to students 1/24/2020)

PB & J Scholarship.  Deadline:  May 31, 2020.  They are looking for students who have experienced challenges in their life and who have the drive to succeed.  Apply at  (Emailed out to students 1/6/2020.)